The Discovery Machine RESITE Suite allows instructors to capture their expertise to create their own realistic 3D training simulations.

Capitalizing on Discovery Machine’s strengths in artificial intelligence (AI) and behavior modeling, RESITE provides you with a configurable toolkit to simulate your unique processes.

Discovery Machine has had successes with the United States Navy, Army, Marines, and Air Force; and has now transitioned that success to the commercial sector.

Whether you have a need for simulated training in the military, healthcare, energy, manufacturing, or other complex industries, RESITE can make your training needs a reality.

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A suite of authoring tools to create immersive 3D training environment that lets you easily create training scenarios to teach critical skills like medical care, patient assessment, medical device operation, and patient interaction.




A simulation authoring tool which creates virtual worlds to rehearse common training procedures like device operation, start-up procedures, troubleshooting, maintenance, critical thinking, and team communication techniques.




A suite of tools which lets instructors create their own simulated training scenarios to relay experiences like vehicle behavior, troop tactics, negotiation skills, and interpersonal communication to military recruits.


Watch the RESITE Suite in Action

Create Simulations with Drag & Drop Scene Builder

Discovery Machine has focused on ease of use for the instructor. With the inclusion of a drag and drop scene builder, Discovery Machine enables instructors to configure a synthetic immersive training environment (SITE) to exactly match the specifications of your unique location. Nearly every detail in the SITE, from how people interact to how devices operate, can be specified by the instructor. Specific equipment and devices can be modeled to behave exactly as they would in the real world. Depending on the goals of training, virtual role player characters can also be added. Each human character is configurable to reach training objectives. Trainees can have entire conversations, take actions, and learn throughout the process.

Define Events and Objectives to Progress Training

An essential part to realistic training is the ability to control the flow of information. RESITE allows instructors to customize how a scenario progresses by creating events and objectives. Events are changes in a scenario and act just like actions in the real world. Every choice you make has an outcome and a consequence. In RESITE, events can be attached to things like student action or device malfunction to alter the course of the training scenario.

Objectives allow instructors to configure what a student will experience throughout a training scenario. By allowing instructors to set up their own objectives, they can ensure that specific training goals are accomplished. When trainees accomplish certain actions, they will satisfy objectives, whereas incorrect actions will cause them to fail objectives. Regardless of student choices, every action they make feeds into an after action review, so instructors can assess, educate, and retest their trainees.​

Create Interactive Dialogs

RESITE allows users to create dynamic dialog very quickly using an interactive user interface. Individual questions and responses can be created and rearranged to create an elaborate storyline for the trainee to use throughout a training scenario. Alternative phrasings can be defined representing correct and incorrect ways to request information. By utilizing a concept of mood, opinions the character has of the player can be incorporated to provide a truly realistic training sample.

RESITE lets instructors create training scenarios in a fraction of the time of traditional development approaches. This means that instructors can create training fast enough to meet emerging needs and recreate problems as they arise. Providing training that addresses recent events has remained one of the most difficult challenges for instructors. Many trainees are very talented and know everything about the “theoretical” operation of a facility, but fail to make crucial decisions when an unexpected circumstance arises. By allowing for the rapid incorporation of new situations, trainees can face chaotic environments and learn how to adapt.