RESITEfor Military

Immersive Training Simulations for the Armed Forces of the World

RESITE for Military is an immersive training environment which lets military personnel create training simulations using their own experiences.

By relaying their experiences, retired and active duty personnel can help prepare the next generation for what they will face. With RESITE, experts can create their own 3D immersive training scenarios without reliance on a team of experts. Each simulation can train for a variety of skills such as negotiation, cultural sensitivity training, squad tactics, equipment operation, and more.

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Advanced Training Simulation for the Military

  • Enhance trainee engagement using immersive 3D worlds
  • Improve decision-making skills using adaptive training simulations
  • Use drag-and-drop interfaces to create unlimited 3D training simulations
  • Interact with people and show consequences for offensive or inappropriate behavior
  • Match training to doctrine to train using lessons learned, rules of engagement, and modern tactics

Our easy-to-use drag-and-drop interface lets you

  • Create as many training simulations as you need without a team of developers
  • Build simulated environment which are realistic and match the locations of the world where you need to train
  • Add soldiers, civilians, buildings, and hazards you would find in a real-world setting to your simulation
  • Create objectives for trainees to accomplish

Create responsive simulations to let trainees

  • Question virtual role-players and learn key details about regions of the world
  • Interact with squad members to enhance collaboration skills
  • See the cause and effect of the choices they make, whether positive or negative
  • Interact with devices and equipment to learn new skills
  • Receive instant feedback based on performance, so that trainees know immediately where they need to improve

Simulate mood and attitude changes

  • Show how incorrect communcations can cause disastrous consequences
  • Change the progression of training in real-time based on information learned

Watch RESITE for Healthcare in Action

Why Simulated Training Environments?

Simulated training environments offer many benefits over other, real-world training approaches.

  • Nearly every detail, from how people interact to how devices operate, can be defined by the instructor, offering repeatable scenarios with controlled variables
  • Specific equipment and devices can be modeled to behave exactly as they would in the real world enabling training without the need to have access to the actual costly, hard-to-schedule, and sometimes dangerous equipment
  • Each training scenario can be run multiple times by trainees, with increasing levels of difficulty that introduce additional—and unexpected—challenges to test decision-making
  • Training can be offered to students in remote locations, without the need to assemble geographically diverse teams

Why Discovery Machine?

​Discovery Machine has proven itself as a leader in advanced simulation technologies.

From our beginning in the demanding military sector with clients including the US Army, Navy, Air Force and Marines, we have been committed to providing high quality, precise simulation solutions that allow clients to achieve their training goals.

Our intuitive front end interface combined with our powerfully advanced artificial intelligence engine on the back end provide a level of performance and flexibility like no other.

  • NO LIMITATIONS on the number of scenarios you can create and use
  • NO LIMITATIONS on the number of times you can use a scenario
  • Adapt training simulations in minutes as new information becomes available
  • Automatically assesses trainee performance
  • Create simulations on your own without an entire development team