Discovery Machine, CEO, Anna Griffith

Anna L. Griffith

CEO + Co-founder

Anna’s career has been dedicated to making cognitive science and artificial intelligence research usable by organizations that need to leverage human expertise. Anna created the Discovery Machine knowledge capture methodology, as well as, facilitated the development of DMI’s commercial software products. Anna is the co-founder of Discovery Machine and has served as the CEO since 2008.

Discovery Machine, CTO, Todd Griffith

Todd W. Griffith, Ph. D.

CTO + Co-founder

Dr. Griffith is the Founder and Chief Technology Officer of Discovery Machine. He has been working in the area of intelligent systems research for over 26 years, and has published papers in the areas of cognitive science, human-computer interaction, and intelligent systems. Dr. Griffith presents regularly at conferences and meetings and holds four patents in the domain of knowledge systems. He is responsible for acquiring research funding, managing knowledge coordination efforts, and administrating the development of Discovery Machine Inc.’s commercial products.

Dr. Griffith’s research is focused on modeling the problem solving of subject matter experts (SMEs), specifically he oversees the development of knowledge acquisition systems that enable SMEs to encode their own problem-solving strategies on the computer. In support of these efforts, he has obtained funding through DARPA, OSD, ONR, NWDC, NSWCDD, NAVAIR, NASA, and NSF. Products from these research efforts have been transitioned to programs of record within the Navy and are being sold commercially to companies like Lockheed Martin, Boeing, and Kongsberg.