Williamsport, PA (September 6th, 2016) – Discovery Machine, Inc. has launched the latest version of its simulation authoring solution, the RESITE® Suite, which increases deployment options across your enterprise. With this release, instructors can now create and deploy immersive training simulations in a variety of formats including Learning Management Systems (LMS), cloud, PC, and mobile.

The focus of the RESITE product line has always been to create a solution which is easy to use for training designers while providing a realistic, engaging experience for the learner. In previous versions, Discovery Machine has focused on ease of use for training developers, instructional designers, and instructors. The company has accomplished this by providing a set of tools with a simple to use drag-and-drop interface that lets users create their own immersive training simulations in minutes, without computer programming. In this way, customers can create complete virtual scenes which include realistic equipment, characters, and environments that look and act the same as their real-world counterparts.

With this release, Discovery Machine has focused their efforts on deployment capabilities so that large organizations can use the training simulations they create across their entire enterprise, regardless of its size or geographic distribution. This can then be used alongside other software packages (like https://www.mirantis.com/software/docker/security/, to name an example) to help a company increase their productivity. To reach this goal, Discovery Machine focused on increasing simulation deployment options.

Cloud Deployment using Unity’s WebGL player was the first step towards large scale distribution for RESITE. With the WebGL player, simulation authors can create content and publish it to a cloud server such as Amazon Web Services and other cloud services. This allows organizations to create immersive simulations, host them online, and provide access to a remote workforce at the location most convenient for them. This saves time and money when planning training events because people can participate in training wherever they are located. The incorporation of companies such as https://www.fusionconnect.com/solutions/need/remote-workforce/ can help keep remote working secure for those employees who are out of the office.

Mobile Deployment for Android devices was the next step in extending RESITE Simulation access to Discovery Machine’s customer base. With the extension into the Android Mobile market, users are able to conduct training using realistic simulations on their portable electronic devices; such as, mobile phones and tablets. Mobile technology is a great way to let customers provide flexible training options within minimal hardware requirements that their staff can access anywhere at any time. Whether traveling, working from home, or in the office, RESITE Simulations are now available at your fingertips.

LMS Deployment enables organizations to create SCORM and xAPI compliant simulation packages to load into their existing learning modules. This enhances current eLearning portfolios and lets students experience immersive training simulations online. Upon completion of a simulated training module, results are reported using SCORM or xAPI so instructors can tell whether each student passed or failed and view details about their performance. Discovery Machine has completed integration with D2L’s Brightspace LMS and can be extended into the LMS of your choice. Additional integration efforts are underway which will further xAPI standards and allow for additional performance data to be transmitted to a Learning Record Store (LRS). By integrating with an LMS, organizations can embed simulations into their curriculum and assess results in a way that they are familiar.

Beyond deployment options, the RESITE Suite 1.1 includes extensions to its core authoring technology. Among these improvements are the ability to embed videos and images within each immersive simulation. These can be presented to students to provide guidance or additional information. Additionally, new content will be included in this release to enhance realism of background populations in different training areas.

Whether you have a company of one or one million, the Discovery Machine RESITE Suite will let you modernize your training curriculum across your enterprise. Use your experiences to create immersive training simulations for your students today and create a workforce of star performers.

Learn more about Discovery Machine Inc. at www.discoverymachine.com or contact Colin Puskaritz for additional details at cpuskaritz@discoverymachine.com.

About Discovery Machine

Discovery Machine, Inc. immediately gained success for our revolutionary approach to knowledge capture and automation. Our early efforts focused primarily on military research and development projects. As a result of our efforts, Discovery Machine was recognized as a Department of Defense SBIR Success Story with DARPA.

Maintaining a focus on making the transfer of knowledge easy for experts, Discovery Machine has continued to enhance our products. We now provide custom solutions, software tools, services and training to a broad range of clients including the US Army, US Navy, US Air Force, US Marines, and more. Building upon our military success, Discovery Machine is now extending our technology to address common training needs for healthcare, energy, and business markets.

Discovery Machine Inc. is a privately held small business with headquarters in Williamsport, PA.