Discovery Machine and Pierpont Community and Technical College, have joined forces to push the boundaries of conventional education by embracing simulation in curriculum development.

On March 16th, 2016 Discovery Machine, along with Pierpont, presented a new training approach to the EQT Foundation. The presentation highlighted how simulation can enhance training curriculum and better-prepare today’s workforce for the challenges they will face. The presentation consisted of two parts: an overview of Discovery Machine’s latest product, RESITE®, and an orientation of how RESITE could be used within an existing curriculum.

Embracing innovation and pushing the boundaries of what is possible, has always been an area Discovery Machine, Inc. excels. By leveraging RESITE, Discovery Machine provided a means for Pierpont to create interactive training simulations to embed in their curriculum. Each simulation created allowed students to practice a set of learning objectives firsthand, without relying on role-players and expensive equipment.

With RESITE, instructors can author their own training scenarios which use realistic equipment. Each piece of equipment is represented visually, but also has an underlying intelligent behavior to control it. With a drag-and-drop interface, it is simple to add new devices and configure them to create new training simulations quickly. Samples of the kinds of devices which can be added include wellheads, separators, tanks, meter runs, computers, and more. Beyond adding training equipment, instructors can create interactive dialog which adapts based on player choices and highlight results of correct and incorrect selections in real-time. Gestures, animations, character opinions, and voice inflection are among the many ways to enhance trainee engagement and facilitate learning.

Gone are the days of relying exclusively on slide shows, books, and lecture; with RESITE, instructors can bring their curriculum to life and make their experiences jump off the page. Now, instructors can rest assured that their students can utilize the knowledge they learn before entering the real-world. Experience is more than answering questions on an exam; it is about making choices and learning from individual mistakes. Simulation enables this possibility, not only for natural gas training, but also for a variety of other industries.

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Thanks for reading. Please share with colleagues who might find value. This post was authored by Discovery Machine, creators of RESITE® for Energy. RESITE enables energy professionals to quickly and easily create realistic training scenarios for their trainees—complete with digital equipment and instructors. RESITE places trainees into an immersive 3D environment that helps them learn faster and see the cause/effect relationship of their decisions and hands-on interaction in real time. With over 16 years in the industry Discovery Machine delivers powerful, proven technology with a friendly, accessible front-end that translates to successful training programs empowered with intelligent interaction. For more information about RESITE for Energy, please visit Discovery Machine online or call 570-601-3226.