Discovery Machine RESITE; Suite 1.1 Available Now – Simulation Authoring to Mobile, the Cloud, and Your LMS

Williamsport, PA (September 6th, 2016) – Discovery Machine, Inc. has launched the latest version of its simulation authoring solution, the RESITE® Suite, which increases deployment options across your enterprise. With this release, instructors can now create and deploy immersive training simulations in a variety of formats including Learning Management Systems (LMS), cloud, PC, and mobile. [...]

Most People Can’t Communicate at All

Most people can’t communicate at all.  Often it seems that people are sharing a space, simply waiting for their turn to talk.  We aren’t listening and we aren’t paying attention to the environment around us.    Peter Drucker is quoted as saying, “The most important thing in communication is hearing what isn't said.”  But how do [...]

4 Challenges to Recreating Experience in Virtual Sim

Transforming expertise into a virtual simulation for training purposes is challenging. The end goal is to create scenarios for trainees that replicate the experiences experts find most instructive. To get to this point, however, is often not straightforward. Below are four important things to keep in mind when creating virtual simulations and a few tips I [...]

Behavioral Realism trumps Graphical Realism

The key to any simulation for training is getting the trainee to suspend disbelief. Whether the simulation is live role playing, high fidelity simulation, or virtual simulation, the trainee must engage in the scenario to get the highest training value. In the military, the term used is "sweaty palms and white knuckles". If the trainee [...]

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4 Ways to Help Microlearning with Magic and Virtual Simulation

Microlearning is a useful training technique that creates short learning experiences. Microlearning is gaining use in different contexts. For example, prior to a large training event, small bursts of educational material can help trainees get their head in the game. A small virtual pre-event may work in this case, so looking at websites such as [...]

5 Ways to Avoid Cognitive Overload with Virtual Simulation

Properly educating your workforce is essential to maintaining their overall effectiveness. Faced with reduced budgets and increased workplace demands, training staffs are looking for dynamic, cost-effective approaches to engaging employees, be it through sharepoint calendar overlay options or through integrated phone services, or any other kind of options on the market. Knowledge transfer using simulations [...]

Empower Novices to Prioritize and Decide

The constant change and improvements in medical care creates a significant challenge. How healthcare providers make decisions and prioritize is evolving and improving at a rapid pace. New medical technology, procedures, communication best practices, insurance rules, and reporting requirements demand change in how people provide healthcare. The role of staff is critical to the transformation [...]

The Evolving Role of the Digital Doctor in Healthcare Training

Like it or not, the digital doctor is here to stay. In this case, we mean in healthcare training simulations. For years now, medical training and simulation has been evolving at a tremendous pace. The same can be said for first aid training for non-medical professionals, where companies like Mississauga Coast2Coast have advanced rapidly. Medical [...]