Behavior Modeling Suite for VBS

The Behavior Modeling Suite for VBS is an advanced behavior modeling technique for Bohemia Interactive’s Virtual Battlespace 3 (VBS3) and Virtual Battlespace 2 (VBS2) simulations. It builds upon the knowledge capture and visual programming aspects in each Discovery Machine product, but adds an advisor to aid in scenario creation.

The advisor allows users to create behaviors for characters that have complex social networks, robust interaction capabilities, and unique behavior details. Events and objectives can also be defined to control the game flow throughout the scenario and maximize training results. With the product offering, instructors can create entire training scenarios complete with intelligent human populations, vehicles, and air assets using simple-to-follow interfaces in minutes.

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Fully Customizeable Visual Programming Language

Every behavior model Discovery Machine builds is represented visually. This visual representation is hierarchical in nature and is designed to represent an expert’s thought process in an understandable way. Each model created can be used multiple times within the same scenario and can be reused in future scenarios. Discovery Machine offers training to teach customers how to customize included content and create their own unique content using the Behavior Modeling Console for VBS.

Rapid Scenario Creation with Advisor System

The Scenario Advisor System allows users to rapidly create entire VBS training scenarios with a series of user interfaces. With the Scenario Advisor System, users can define individual behaviors for non-player characters (NPCs) in a training event. NPCs can be configured by the user by defining custom behavior details, creating complex social structures, and defining intricate dialog in minutes. Additionally, events can be triggered to alter training scenarios based on defined criteria and player objectives can be defined to drive action in the scenario.

Adaptive, Goal-Driven Behaviors

Every character created using the Behavior Modeling Suite for VBS is goal driven. What this means is it is able to gather information about its surroundings, interpret that information, and adapt its behavior accordingly. Civilians follow patterns of life and behave the way different kinds of people would in a village. Street Vendors tend their shops while villagers go shopping. Beyond their occupational duties, NPCs are able to respond to events in the scenario in user specified ways and will automatically do things like going to restaurants when they are hungry and home when they are tired.

Communicating Intelligent Entities

Communication is very important when it comes to creating a realistic experience for trainees. Discovery Machine has incorporated communication in both text format and via voice commands. Text based communication is automatically created using the Scenario Advisor System and can be customized to meet current needs. Voice-based communication is also possible using Discovery Machine’s Human Communication Recognition (HCR) system. This system allows players to practice verbal commands and hear verbal responses the way they would in the real world. Behavior models can even adapt based on commands given. This system has been fully implemented in Discovery Machine’s recent Close Air Support (CAS) Training Module.​

Watch Behavior Modeling Suite for VBS in Action

Enhanced Instructor Control with DIRECTOR

A powerful addition to Discovery Machine’s technology is the DIRECTOR. The DIRECTOR allows for closer control over a scenario. With this tool, instructors can monitor details about every Discovery Machine character in the scenario to understand what they are doing. As players make choices in the scenario, whether positive or negative, instructors can be shown alerts. They can even modify individual character details to force certain situations or rewind to let the trainee try again.​

Visual Run-time Debugging Capabilities

​The behavior engine is responsible for controlling each of the Discovery Machine behaviors currently in the scenario. Every behavior is visual at runtime and can be opened at any time so that instructors understand what exactly an entity is doing at all times. This provides valuable insight into what each character is doing and takes the mystery out of the AI in the system.

With reduced budgets and smaller time constraints, it is becoming increasingly important to be efficient during training development. The Discovery Machine Behavior Modeling Suite for VBS enhances that efficiency! Since each behavior model can be used over and over again, you only need to perfect it once. After it is created, it can be used in as many training scenarios as you like.