Our solutions let you quickly and easily create your own realistic training simulations
that help trainees learn faster and see the cause/effect relationship of their decisions in real time.

Build Your Own
Training Sims

A suite of authoring tools to create immersive 3D training environment that lets you easily create training scenarios to teach critical skills like medical care, patient assessment, medical device operation, and patient interaction.


Author Unlimited
Training Sims

A simulation authoring tool which creates virtual worlds to rehearse common training procedures like device operation, start-up procedures, troubleshooting, maintenance, critical thinking, and team communication skills.


Create Realistic
Training Sims

A suite of tools which lets instructors create their own simulated training scenarios to relay experiences like vehicle behavior, troop tactics, negotiation skills, and interpersonal communication to military recruits.


Add Intelligence
to VBS3
without Scripting

An authoring environment to create behaviors for avatars and vehicles within VBS3 without scripting. More than just AI, this program lets you leverage expert knowledge and use it to create intelligent entities in minutes.


Enhance Your
Simulation with

A development platform which provides documentation to let you extend Discovery Machine’s visual programming language, Scenario Creation tools, AI, and supporting technology to a simulation of choice.


Our RESITE® Training & Simulation Platform

Imagine the possibilities of creating your own virtual simulations that:

  • Exactly match your facilities and equipment
  • Let you define objectives to monitor for completion
  • Highlight real consequences virtually to emphasize key safety standards
  • Immerse trainees in a virtual world instead of relying on tired slideshows and manuals
  • Automatically assess performance with built-in student monitoring

RESITE lets you run training programs quickly, affordably and efficiently.
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